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    KB3035583 Query




      After checking Windows Update today I've noticed 5 optional updates and 1 important (KB3035583) are available. I have the 'Get Windows 10' icon but don't want to update just yet. I've heard the above update has something to do with automatically upgrading to 10. Should I still install these updates even though I'm not planning on automatically upgrading from Windows 7?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I think it's the one that gives you the Windows 10 icon, so paves the way to upgrading.   If you want to delay the choice until later on (you have a year to decide) you could uninstall it, then hide it when it's offered again..  If you already had that 10 icon in the notification area then maybe it was offering it again as an upgraded version of the same update, but not really sure.  If you want to delay the upgrade offer then uninstalling it is the only way to avoid.


          I have KB3035583 and KB2952664 which is connected with it hidden so I can always install them later on and then upgrade.

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                     While I can appreciate the (Free) upgrade to Windows 10. I dislike the fact that Microsoft deems certain updates as either 'Important'/'Recommended'. Then after you install the updates, it reveals they were optional.


                     This article reveals a lot as well..Microsoft to provide free upgrades to Windows 10 for 2 to 4 years | Computerworld


            Al the Best


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              Thanks Ex_Brit and Catdaddy.


              I already have the Windows 10 icon and assumed the update I mentioned was a newer version of one I already have. I wasn't planning on upgrading to 10 straight away and so far haven't reserved a copy - presumably I won't be forced into downloading 10 on the launch day because I already have KB3035583 and KB2952664 installed?

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                Well whatever installs prior to July 29 doesn't really matter as you can ultimately refuse the upgrade anyway.


                They are simply anxious for people to adopt what they regard as a much more secure OS.


                Plus, ,let's face it, it's not often you get something for free these days.

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                  You are welcome


                  All the Best,


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                    Yes, glad to help and good luck ;-)


                    Don't believe all that you read on the WWW - Microsoft aren't ramming this down our necks, only taking the unusual step of preparing one OS for upgrading to another.

                    They've never done it before in this manner, but nobody will be forced to upgrade if they don't want to.

                    If you decide later on to go for it, then don't forget to reserve your copy first once those updates are installed and that icon appears.

                    Personally, I'll be glad to see the back of my Windows 8.1 system.  Although I will miss Windows Media Center, but fortunately my TV Card maker has their own equivalent programme.

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                      Thanks Ex_Brit.

                      Does Windows 10 have an equivalent to Media Center?

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                        Apparently not.  Whether or not Microsoft will offer one later on is just wishful thinking I feel.

                        It's a shame really as many people used it widely.  But there are substitutes.

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                                           While I fully agree that Microsoft is not attempting to ' Ram the Upgrade to Windows 10' down our Throats/Neck. They are indeed ambiguous in defining how Updates/Support will be handled. For once Windows is deemed 'As a Service' will be when Monetarily being afforded begins.


                                             Also, as far as the Article I inserted from ' www.computerworld.com one can indeed take to heart, as being reliable information.


                                               Just my (3) cents

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