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    Disabling Livesafe


      I recently bought an Acer Aspire which came with a pre-loaded version of Livesafe and an offer of a free year's subscription. I have sent the necessary documentation off to Acer but they quote it can take up to 6-8 weeks before replying with the code to convert the trial copy to a year's subscription. 

      The trial copy only lasts about 30 days and runs out in 4 days time so if Acer haven't replied by then I shall have to install something else like the free AVG software until they do.


      When the trial subscription runs out do I need to do anything to disable Livesafe, stop programs running etc or will I just be able to install AVG. I don't really want to uninstall Livesafe if I can avoid it as I will only need to reinstall it when Acer get their act together.


      Any suggestions for the best way to maintain security ?

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          Peter M

          It would be best to remove it altogether by first uninstalling via Control Panel > Programs and Features.

          Then run the MCPR (McAfee Product Removal Tool) and reboot afterwards and it should all be gone.

          What OS is this so I could suggest an intermediate alternative as Acer seems to move at snail's pace on this matter?

          (If it's Windows 8.x and above I would simply turn on Windows Defender because the version included with those systems contains antivirus, do this AFTER McAfee is removed.  As far as firewall protection is concerned, the removal of McAfee should automatically activate Windows own Firewall which should suffice until you get the full suite).

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            Thank you for your advice Ex_Brit. Defender would be a better short term solution.

            The OS is Windows 8.1.  What worries me about uninstalling Livesafe and then later downloading another trial version and re-installing that is whether the unlock code I eventually get from Acer will activate the new installation. I'm not sure if there is anything in the version that Acer pre-loaded that will recognise their unlock code specifically and will not work with the version of the Macafee site. Also whether there is any checking when re-installing the version from the Macafee site which recognises that I have already had a trial version and will prevent me from installing Livesafe again?. Any ideas?

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              Peter M

              Uninstalling in the normal manner will ensure a free license