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    Correct configuration for [System Root] exceptions (adding files parameters to existing exceptions)





      I can not seem to find anywhere that answers my query below...


      I have two files parameters in one of my exceptions:

      C:\WINNT\TEMP\<other stuff here>

      C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\<other stuff here>


      I want to combine these two entries in to one, and was thinking of something like %windir%, but from page 105 in the HIPS 8.0 for ePO 4.5 Product Guide (we are using 4.6, but assuming it is the same), there are predefined variables (preceded with $, and look to be application specific) and also environment variables, one of which is SystemRoot.  The problem is, that the example list the syntax as if I was creating a rule myself.  If entering in to an existing exception (example screenshot attached), via the GUI, do I use:


      [iEnv SystemRoot]\TEMP\*.<stuff>


      Do I use








      I am suspecting the former, however it is not something I have actually configured before.  Any feedback greatly appreciated!