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    UNC Site


      I've recently installed ePO 4.6.6 with VSE 8.8.  I am managing 40 computers in an air-gap domain.

      I've set up my tasks to distribute VSE and to update my DAT files.  I ran all of my tasks manually and all of the computers now have the McAfee software with a DAT file (07/06/15).

      I've also set up a shared directory as a UNC source site.  It has the sub-folders of Current and Previous and the 3 files "catalog.z", "sitestat" and "replica".

      I've copied a more recent DAT zip from a controlled source.

      Where do I put the new DAT zip file?

      I am trying to test a scheduled "pull" of the DAT file and have it automatically update to all of the computers.

      Is there a specific file structure needed for the UNC source?