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    Editing AutoUpdate Repository List for Standalone Agent


      Hi all


      I'm running ePO 4.6 and my McAfee Agent version is for Windows.


      I have some systems sitting in a DMZ or just not on the same network as our ePO.  On each of these systems, I have VirusScan Enterprise and the McAfee Agent (above) installed to receive the latest DAT from McAfee (I don't have an Agent Handler in the DMZ). 


      Some of these systems have not been successfully retrieving the DAT.  So, I edited the AutoUpdate Repository List on the given system - I added an FTP repository for the commonupdater, I moved this to the top of the list, I unticked the two other entries (my ePO and a McAfee HTTP repository that had both been created by my ePO (I'm guessing)) and I manually configured the proxy settings.

      I then ran an update and it was successful in downloading the latest DAT.


      However, I went back into the 'Edit AutoUpdate Repository List' and my newly created FTP repository had disappeared, along with my manual proxy settings.  The two existing repositories are still there and now have ticked boxes.


      What causes these settings to revert back?


      So, I thought I'd try and create an Agent with these extra settings built in.


      On my ePO, I've created a new repository in the Policy Catalog.  I don't want these extra settings to be pushed out to all systems, so I assigned the policy in ePO to a test group of 1 (my computer).  After a wake up, I sucessfully get the new settings. 


      The question is, how do I add these repository settings to a downloadable Agent for offline use?


      Any help would be very much appreciated!

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          The settings are reverting back because of the Agent enforcement that happens by default every 5 minutes. If you installed a managed Agent it will enforce EPO's policies whether it is actively communicating with EPO or not as long as it received the policies from EPO at some time in the past.


          The stand-alone (managed) framepkg.exe Agent installer is actually a compressed executable so you can open it in 7zip and see all of the files inside including the sitelist.xml. Unfortunately you can not recompress it so that it installs properly so simply modifying the sitelist is not an option.


          I would suggest downloading our Virusscan Installation Designer from your download site and creating a custom Virusscan/Agent package. You can modify almost every setting for Virusscan with it including the sitelist for your offline (assumably unmanaged) Agents.

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            Hi mmcgary


            Thank you for your information, it gives me a better understanding of how the agent works.  I'll download the VirusScan Installation Designer and see if I can get everything working.  I'll reply with the outcome.


            Thanks again!