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    Integration with Oracle UCM


      Hi everyone,


      I have a requirement where I need to integrate Oracle WebCenter Content running on 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux with an anti-virus. I am trying to do it as shown in this article:


      http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/enterprise2/parisi-webcenter-oag-2226 285.html


      The only difference is that I want to use McAfee instead of ClamAV. The steps to configure McAfee Anti-Virus filter in Oracle API Gateway are given here:


      http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E39820_01/doc.11121/gateway_docs/content/connector_mca fee.html


      According to this page, I need to copy some .dat, .jar and .so files from McAfee Scan Engine to some other Oracle API Gateway folders. I found the following files in LinuxShield/engine/dat folder:




      and the following files in LinuxShield/engine/lib folder:




      but there is no jar file anywhere. I have completed all the other steps and I am getting this error when I try to run Oracle WebCenter Content:


      nested fault: no Virus scanner available:

      com.vordel.circuit.CircuitAbortException: no Virus scanner available

        at com.vordel.security.antivirus.McAfeeProcessor.invoke(McAfeeProcessor.java:164)

        at com.vordel.circuit.InvocationEngine.invokeFilter(InvocationEngine.java:150)

        at com.vordel.circuit.InvocationEngine.invokeCircuit(InvocationEngine.java:42)

        at com.vordel.circuit.InvocationEngine.recordCircuitInvocation(InvocationEngine.ja va:275)

        at com.vordel.circuit.InvocationEngine.processMessage(InvocationEngine.java:238)

        at com.vordel.circuit.SyntheticCircuitChainProcessor.invoke(SyntheticCircuitChainP rocessor.java:64)

        at com.vordel.dwe.http.HTTPPlugin.processRequest(HTTPPlugin.java:371)

        at com.vordel.dwe.http.HTTPPlugin.invokeDispose(HTTPPlugin.java:379)

        at com.vordel.dwe.http.HTTPPlugin.invoke(HTTPPlugin.java:173)


      Can anybody help me with finding this jar file? Can I find it somewhere or is it something that I need to create?