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    Repairing MBR overwitten by GRUB


      During an attempt to install Ubuntu on an external USB drive, the MBR of the local drive was unintentionally overwritten.  As a result, the McAfee login screen no longer displays on a system that was already set up with EEPC (drive encryption and ePO agent).  As far as I can tell, the rest of the internal hard drive has not been modified.


      According to the EETech User Guide for EEPC 6.2:



      1. A restore of the MBR using EETech is only intended for drives NOT yet encrypted.
      2. An emergency boot can allow the MBR to be automatically repaired if the ePO agent can synch with the ePO server


      So it seems to me that the EETech restore is not an option for me but I should still be able to regain the previous state of my computer (i.e. repair the MBR) if I can do a successful emergency boot.  Or, worst case, if the emergency boot fails, I'll have to manually extract the encrypted data and then re-service the computer.  Is this correct?  Are there scenarios related to a corrupted MBR where the emergency boot will not work?


      Thanks for any help!