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    McAfee agent v5.0.1 supported OS's


      Hi All,


      I am administrating an EPO v5.0.1 with the below products included:


      Mcafee agent 4.8

      VSE 8.8

      DLP 9.3


      My Client devices are a mixture of the following OS's:


      Windows XP sp3 ( x86 )

      Windows 7 Enterprise ( x64 )

      Server 2008 R2 ( x64 )

      Server 2012 R2 ( x64 )



      So i'm toiling with the idea of upgrading my EPO server to EPO 5.3

      Then upgrading my McAfee agent to 5.0.1


      As usual i have looked through the upgrade docs and some of the related documentation from McAfee regarding the new versions of EPO and McAfee agent to find out if all of the above OS's are supported ( Particularly Windows XP ) and cannot seem to find the answers.


      Can anyone point me to a doc or links to the info or share their knowledge on this.


      Also if any one has been through this upgrade process i was wondering if they could share their experience particularly if it did not go smoothly.


      As always thanks guys to all who spend a few minutes to post a reply to me.