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    Flash 0day - how to effectively block Flash?  Anyone done it?




      Adobe has brought us yet another delightful 0day vulnerability and POC code has apparently made it into the wild.  Exploits are expected ahead of Adobe's target date for a patch on the 18th.

      http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/07/hacking-team-leak-releases-potent-flash- 0day-into-the-wild/


      Suppose I were to sell the business on blocking Flash on the gateway--how best to accomplish?


      I searched teh System Lists MediaType for Flash  and found  the following MediaType.EnsuredTypes  - I haven't yet looked to see if there's a reliable user agent string that Flash presents across Chrome, IE and Firefox.


      172application/vnd.adobe-flv-authoringFlash Movie Authoring file
      263application/x-flash-shared-objectAdobe Flash shared object file


      24application/x-shockwave-flashMacromedia Flash file
      25video/x-flvFlash Video
      33video/f4vMPEG-4 based Flash Video


      22application/x-shockwave-flashMacromedia Flash file


      Anyone tried this and how much screaming did you have from the business?


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