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    HDLP - Apple Vendor ID with iPad product IDs


      Hello all,

      I'm attempting to block all apple smart devices except iPads.


      What would the effect be if I:

      1. Create a Device Definition called "Apple All" which contains only the Apple Vendor ID 05AC

      2. Create a Device Definition called "Apple iPad" whcih contains the Apple Vendor ID 05AC and the iPad product IDs, 129A, 129F, 12A4, etc.

      3. Create a Plug and Play Device rule called "Block Apple except iPad" which includes the "All Apple" Device Definition" but exlcudes the "Apple iPad" Device Definition.

      4. Set this policy to block.


      Will the fact that I have made the iPads an exclusion mean that they don't get blocked or will the act that they also have the vendor ID 05AC mean they get blocked reagrdless of being in the exclusion.


      Advice much appreciated.