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    USB mouse does not work correctly on pre-boot for Dell E7250


      I came across an issue on a Dell E7250 with a wired or wireless USB mouse on the pre-boot for McAfee. Whenever I move the USB mouse, it erratically moves itself to the top right corner of the screen. I tried 3 different wireless mice and 2 different wired mice. I also tried every port and updated the BIOS. None of the mice will work correctly on the pre-boot. The mouse works fine in BIOS setup, Windows and I also tested by booting to the McAfee Recovery CD and it works fine there as well. The only issue is when it is on the pre-boot. I have looked this issue up and found a few articles about the issue but they pertained to different models, and different EEPC versions. The two most relevant articles are below…






      The external keyboard works fine as well as the touchpad. One of the workarounds is to enable pre-boot USB support in our ePO policy but the policy will affect everyone. We do not have any test policy’s to work with if we wanted to see if that fixes it. We are looking for another option. Thanks!

      EEPC 7.0.2

      WIndows 7

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