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    Problem Connection TLS after update to Meg 7.6.4


      good morning Still problems after upgrading to 7.6.4. Since I updated to 7.6.4 infrastructure Meg, I have many problems on the TLS connection that is rejected by some domains MX. The certificate is valid and is the CA: Do you also have problems of this type? following what is happening;

      <« [220] emailgtw.int.com EGSSOO/SMTP Ready.

      >» EHLO server-6.be-5.nessagelabs.com

      <<:< [250] Requested mail action okay, completed.


      TLS test requested, and TLS supported: Starting TLS ...

      >» STARTTLS

      «< [220] Start TLS negotiation.

      FATAL: ISO] STARTILS: Certificate Verification Failed: The Certificate presented is not signed by a CA we trust.

      FATAL: ISO] STARTTLS: SSL connect attempt failed with unknown errorerror:14090086:SSL

      ro utines:SSL3 GET SERVER_ CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed

      FATAL:[SO] STARTTLS: Attempting to fetch raw cert and verify

      FATAL[80] raw_connect_test failed. Error retrieving certificate: depth=O C =IT, 0 = lnt S.p.A., CN"'


      verify error:num=20:unable to get local issuer certificate

      verify return:l

      depth=O c"' IT, 0"' lnt S.p.A., CN = mail.int.com

      verify error:num=27:certificate not trusted

      verify return:l

      depth=O C- IT, 0"" lnt S.p.A., CN =- mail.int.com

      verify error:num"'2l:unable to verify the first certificate

      verify return:1