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    How To Update and FTP CommonUpdater Folder


      Hey all. In my previous job, I used ePO 4.6 to manage McAfee Virruscan in a large Windows domain. I changed jobs and was dumped at a small domain where they use McAfee, but have the clients update their daily DAT from an FTP repository.


      Problem: No procedure was left on how to update the daily DAT in the CommonUpdater folder for FTP. I have never done it myself and have no idea how to do it.


      Can anyone tell me how to update a CommonUpdater folder for an FTP repository with the latest DAT?



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          Richard Carpenter

          Hi strmcrow 

          Is this FTP repository in the SitesList managed by ePO?

          If so you can run a Daily Server Task to Replicate Distributed Repositories which will push out the content out from ePO Master a Repository after you have pulled the DAT down from McAfee. 



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            Thanks for your reply... Here's the deal: There is NO ePO deployment on any of the networks. They just set up an FTP site using Microsoft IIS, created a commonupdater site and upzipped a SuperDat into the folder. Then they set each client up to use ftp:\\site.site/commonupdater as the palce to go for DAT updates.


            So, I come onboard and notice that the DAT's haven't been updated in months. I have a lot of expereince with ePO and plan on setting one up once approved, but in  the meantime, I want to get the current FTP site updated. Everything I've tried always results in errors in downloading the DAT after updating.


            I've never managed a purely FTP-only site and don't know what I'm doing wrong... So, I wanted to know what was availabel out there that will show me how it's done from scratch to get things rolling until I get ePO going.


            Thanks again.

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              Distribute a new C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\SiteList.xml to each of the computers.  That will tell the clients to update from wherever you want it to.

              What I do is install Virusscan on a file server, setup a mirror task, and point each client to the file server share (\\servername\mcafee\).  This is a fast and easy way keep everyone updated.  If you have to keep ftp, then install Virusscan on the IIS server, setup the mirror task and set the mirror location to the ftp root directory.
              Good Luck

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                Thanks for the info... I'll give it a try on one of our smaller networks.