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    [Web Gateway] REST API for rules and rulesets




      I am using the REST API of Web Gateway. I'm able to get all the rulesets with the following URL : https://XXXXXXXX/Konfigurator/REST/rulesets


      Now, I'm trying to have the details of a ruleset but I can't get them with the following URL : https://XXXXXXXX/Konfigurator/REST/rulesets/rulegroups/$idRuleset


      Here is an example of the command I'm using : curl -k -X GET -H "Cookie: JSESSIONID=FC5E77B855B19FAA38DE46AAA522ABD2" "https://XXXXXXXX/Konfigurator/REST/rulesets/rulegroups/$idRuleset"

      For this query, I get the following response : Method Not Allowed.


      I tried all methods but I still have the same answer.


      Can you please tell me how to get the details of a ruleset? Or, at least, is it possible to get them with the REST API? If not possible, is it possible to have the rule attached to a specific list (ex: WhiteLists, BlackLists etc...)?