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    VSEL 1.9.1 Web interface does not load


      I just installed VSEL 1.9.1 on a Redhat enterprise Linux (RHEL)  5.11 build. After install is complete, I cannot access the web interface. The browser just keeps spinning and eventually times out. I checked the iptables config file. I did not see port 55443 in there at all so I added it. Once I added that port the web browser failed immediately. It wouldn't even attempt to load so I reverted the iptables config file back.


      have verified the services are running on the RHEL. There are other programs that use the httpd service and they work fine. Is there any settings I can look at/verify to ensure VSEL is configured properly for web interface? Any help or suggestions is appreciated.


      I am trying to access it by typing https://<ipaddress>:55443 .

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