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    Password Synch


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      a user forgets his password. Using forget password, Quest password Management, he changes his password but EPO (Encryption) does not synch. How to resolve. We are in healthcare and must encrypt the drive. using W7 Enterprise


      McAfee Drive Encryption:

      is 7.1 & Agent is 4.8


      Thank you.



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          Peter M

          I moved this provisionally to ePO for a faster response, hopefully.




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            Password changes must be made at the CTL+ALT+Del screen for MDE to synchronize the password. This behavior is outlined in KB79339. There is a method to utilize the ePO Web API to inject password changes made by third party password management tools. This is covered in the MDE Scripting Guide PD24869.


            MDE 7.1.3 does make changes Detect and notify of password changes in Windows Active Directory. More informaiton can be found in the MDE 7.1.3 release notes PD25903.

                 Note: The option is found under Enable SSO called "Periodically check domain credentials for changes, and ask the user to re-capture their Drive Encryption password if required"

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              Hi, are you able to fix the issue ? If yes, would you please share how did you fix ?