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    ESM alarm on no events received


      i am wondering how to setup an alarm (ESM > System Properties > Alarms) on not receiving any events for x amount of time (1 hour / 2 hour / 1 day / ...) for a device? this is be warned if a device stops sending data / events to the event receiver.


      Specified Event Rate seems more targeted at higher then number of events per time. Deviation From Baseline involves the baseline which i don't see how to make use of. I would like a counter of the number of events to compare against zero.

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          Hi, in version 9.50 you can set up an alarm on this values:


          Try a little bit wizh the the idel time.


          Also you can set up an Alarm with a field match


          Device possibly down    146-2    Network discovery event stating a device. can be down.    Software Monitor    ESM    Low

          Device unreachable    146-1    Network discovery device added to ESM is unreachable.    Software Monitor    ESM    Low


          But this two signitaur ID  is for the Network connectivity, i think.

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            i have my doubts about both methods. they seem more related to the lower level connectivity and not the number of events.


            i would assume that counting number of events should be possible in some form, perhaps not on alarms?