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    Authentication Failed for OnDemandScan


      V8.8.0.1385 Patch 5

      EPO 5.1.1 b357


      I am starting to get our ODSs fail with the error message AUTHENTICATION FAILED.  After checking the forums others have suggested making sure that the credentials are left blank but this does not seem to make a difference.  (Although I have noticed that when I save with no credentials and then go back into the properties is is populated with ADMIN in the username).


      Logs show:


      26/06/2015    08:25:33   Engine version                      =    5700.7163
      26/06/2015    08:25:33   AntiVirus   DAT version             =    7842.0
      26/06/2015    08:25:33   Number of detection signatures in EXTRA.DAT =    None
      26/06/2015    08:25:33   Names of detection signatures in EXTRA.DAT  =    None

      26/06/2015    08:25:33    Scan Terminated    DH\MICHELLE-B$    Authentication failed


      Any suggestions before I open up another case with support ??

      Thanks in advance for any advice.