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    How do I get access to vulnerabilities via the MVM 7.5 SDK?


      I started looking in the MVM SOAP API and I have some questions, especially around retrieving the vulnerability list. For the record, I use MVM 7.5 SDK documentation.


      I am able to login, logout, get scan lists, and get job information. I'm also able to read vulnerabilities that were discovered in a job. However, it seems the only way to get this information is the GetVulns API, which has 3 parameters: the configuration name, the job name, and the IP address. My problem is with IPAdress: I have not yet found a way to get a list of all IP addresses that have vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the returned VulnInfo records do not contain an IPAddress. Thus, it seems unlikely that the IPAddress parameter can be omitted or wildcarded.

      So it seems that the API only allows to download vulnerabilities for one IPAddress per request. Furthermore, I have not found any API that returns the IP addresses of targets that have vulnerabilities. I could of course enumerate through the scanned IP addresses, but that seems very wasteful.

      What am I missing?