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    How could I limit McAfee's CPU usage during scans?




      My CPU is an AMD FX(tm)-9370 Eight-Core processor, and usually can handle a lot, but I run into issues when I try to run a MCafee scan.  It is not that it can't handle it, the CPU will run at 100% and the scan is relatively quick(especially since it has three different harddrives to scan, plus over a TB of data).  My only issue is that I can only run my CPU at 100% for so long before it starts to overheat.  Usually after 20 minutes of running that scan my computer is at around 70C, which is what I have set it to warn me so of course I cancel the scan.


      I realize that if you put a cap on the CPU usage that the scan would go slower, but I haven't been able to scan for quite a while out of fear of overheating, and I don't have the patience to sit here and click pause every few minutes to let it cool back down.  Is there anything that I can do to limit the CPU usage?


      I am not playing games or streaming movies or doing anything during these scans, the only thing running is the MCafee scan, and I've played some intense games and overheating is never a problem, during idle I sit around anywhere between 8C and 25C and during games I am usually between 40C - 55C

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