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    Trusted Directories


      Hi all,


      i'm testing the Trusted Directory feature of MAC and can't seem to get it to work. i'm using systinternals bginfo.exe to test and have it on a share on a the local box.


      the solidcore rule pathh is configured as \\systemname\Evaluation\Sysinternals, Action is include & updater is no. i have ensured that this rule is applied to my policy but when i go to run bginfo, i get an execution denied event.


      - i shared the folder  and still get an execution denied event.



      - what am i doing wrong?

      - should the files on the local share be whitelisted ( i didn't think so)

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          Hi All,


          seems like i found a solution to my problem.


          according to KB 84759, Application and Change control do not support configuring a network path as a Trusted Directory


          so the way i was configuring the network path was \\<IP>\\ or \\<server-name>\\ this is wrong & results in the configuration not applying correctly & thus preventing file execution from the network share.


          the solution is to mount the network share to a local path on the system & then configure the local path as your trusted directory.

          this worked for me

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            MAC allows for network path to be added as trusted directories without it being mapped as a local path.


            Can you dump the execution denied event ?

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              the path for the rule is the 3rd one.

              Capture.PNGdenied event from client.PNGRule.PNG

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                ah, so the path added in the rule(\\22.229....) has to the path on the client. So on client if you run bginfo from (\\\..), it will run. (C:\evaluation\...) dos not match the rule.

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                  Morning neelima,


                  you were right. i just updated the rule to match the path on the client & it worked.


                  one more question:


                  would mounting the network share to a local path on one system & then configuring the local path as your trusted directory work for multiple clients on the same network accessing one share?

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                    trusted directory policy will have to be applied to all the clients.


                    If local path will be used then a trusted directory policy to that effect will need to be applied on the concerned clients.