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    uninstall trial LiveSafe


      My 60 day trial of LiveSafe on my new HP laptop has expired. I wish to continue using LiveSafe but I want to use LiveSafe provided by my internet service provider at no charge. I have uninstalled McAfee LiveSafe with control panel remove programs and have run McAfee's cleanup tool MCPR. I then download and install from my ISP but McAfee insists that my copy of LiveSafe is expired and I am not protected. I have done the uninstall, cleanup and reinstall twice with the same results each time. My ISP provided LiveSafe works fine on my other 2 laptops. My ISP allows up to three protected devices. When I visit my ISP's site, which I believe redirects me to McAfee, I see all three laptops listed with the status of 2 being protected and my new laptop being expired. I am running Win8.1 Windows Defender while waiting to resolve the McAfee installation problem. How do I solve this problem?