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    How long will McAfee Anti-Virus Plus take to download and install



      I wish to uninstall MultiDevice from Dell Trial on my Windows 8.1 (it is due to expire).  I wish to purchase AntiVirus Plus directly from McAfee UK online, instead. 

      I only have one device and I like Antivirus Plus from past use.


      What will the time gap be between uninstall of MultiDevice and Purchase/Download and Install of AV Plus, please?

      I am concerned about getting a virus between the 2 procedures.


      1.   Therefore, should I turn on Windows Defender after uninstall of MultiDevice to cover laptop until AV Plus installs? Or, will WD turn on automatically after uninstall?


      2.   Then, will Windows Defender turn off automatically after install of AV Plus?


      3.  Or, do I have to turn WD  on and off myself manually?  Sorry, I'm a bit on the elderly side and not IT savvy - I suspect that it will all work out automatically.  


      4.  After purchase of AntiVirus Plus direct  from McAfee online, do I  download it  from this page, or do I have to download it from MY Account, please? 


      Thank you.  

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