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    Quick Clean


      When I use QuickClean 18 temporary files remain in my memory. That was after I have reinstalled WIN 7. Earlier there was only 2 files that have not been delated. Is there something going wrong? Thanks in advance.

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          No, it's quite normal.  Windows wont let certain files be deleted for reasons best known to Microsoft.   But I've noticed the number can vary from time to time.


          You can test this yourself at any time by doing the following:

          Click Start > Run or click the Windows key + R and then type in temp and click OK.

          The files appear.

          Go to the top toolbar and click Edit > Select All (menu below)

          Then click Shift + Del and OK any prompts.

          Some files stay, that is normal.


          Repeat the process, this time tyiping in %temp% instead of temp alone.

          More files there can be deleted yet some may not be deletable.


          All normal behaviour..

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            Moved to Quickclean and Shredder for filing.