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    Confusion in recipient verification/protocol preset


      Hey Guys,


      I am testing MEG in my testing environment and below is my setup

          mail.isn.net      mx.isn.net      DNS Server     mail.test.net


      mail.isn.net is relaying mail to test.net using mx & mail.test.net is sending mail to mail.isn.net using MX lookup. Every appliance has DNS configured as and proper record exists.

      Mail flow is perfectly fine until I start Recipient verification. I have setup LDAP query and wanted to block unknown emails or email harvesting. This i creating an issue as soon as I enable that setting and mail gets bounced with 550 error.


      Then I tweaked protocol presets as I came to know recipient verification applies globally and wanted to enable only for incoming mails. But somehow I am missing as mails from isn.net to test.net is continuously getting blocked. And when I disable the setting mail goes fine.


      Any clue what I am missing here?