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    Please help


      Hi all,


      Looking for some guidance as i have been handed over an old EOL version of NIPS.


      NSM version

      sensor version :- ( M3050)


      I need to upgrade to latest 8.2 version . My NSM currently sits on windows 2003 box which i need to replace with new windows 2008 vm box.

      i am kind of lost here as a newb. i know i cannot go directly to 8.1 as i dont have supported version.


      Can any one please help.



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          Hi nbt,


          I think you might be best off just building a new environment, there have been many changes to the product between 6.1 and 8.2 and you need to build new servers anyway.


          If you want to find out exactly how much work would be involved in trying to upgrade your existing environment contact support and ask them what your upgrade path would be. I'm sure it would involve multiple upgrades to get to the latest version.



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            Hi Nbt,


            Did you find a solution to your issue? What path did you decide on for your upgrade?