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    SQL Compatibility Level


      I'm planning an upgrade from ePO 4.6.6 to 4.6.8 then finally to 5.3.0.  While reading KB76739 one of the items on the checklist is to ensure that the SQL Compatibility Level is set to 100.  The problem is that I don't have that option available from the drop down list.  It's currently set to 90 and that's the highest option.


      I'm currently running the SQL 2005 Express that came bundled with ePO on a Windows Server 2008 R2.  Will I see this option once I upgrade to 4.6.8? or is there something else I need to do...possibly upgrade to SQL Express 2008 manually?


      Any ideas/input is greatly appreciated it.



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          It's because your running SQL 2005, once your upgrade to SQL 2008+ you'll be able to set it at 100.


          Take a look at this and let me know if you have any questions.


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            Ok, so I understand the article and how to go back and set the level once it's upgraded but the question is...can it be upgraded outside of the ePO 5.3.0 install?


            In other words, once I upgrade from ePO 4.6.6 to 4.6.8 I'm still going to be on the same version of SQL 2005.  Do I upgrade SQL to 2008 Express before I upgrade to ePO 5.3.0?  I know that if I upgrade to ePO 5.3.0 it will upgrade the SQL to 2008 because that's the version that the install is bundled with but will it work because the compatibility level won't be set to 100 prior to the upgrade.

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              Yes, you could even run 5.3 with SQL 2005 if desired.


              From the SQL compatibility perspective, whenever you move to a newer version of sql server or upgrade an existing server to a newer version using either the backup & restore method or detach & attach, the compatibility level on the individual databases do not automatically get upgraded as well. This means your databases will still act as though they are running on an earlier version of SQL. In reality this is not a major problem, but in the long run you will not be able to take advantage of newer features unless you upgrade your databases compatibility level to the current running version.


              It's up to you on when you want to upgrade. You could upgrade right now to SQL express 2012 if you want to, then do the 5.3 upgrade, there are numerous ways of doing it. Just check and update the compatibility level afterwards.


              Yes, it will still work even with a compatibility level of 90, but go ahead and bump it to 100 if needed.

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                Ok, sounds good...thanks!