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    Agent for Linux Not Receiving Agent Update Client Tasks


      VirusScan for Linux 1.9

      McAfee ePolicy 4.6.8

      RedHat 5.5, and 6


      I have set 2 Client Tasks for McAfee Agent. Both are Product Updates, and should update ALL Packages. One task runs Hourly, the other runs at Startup. The tasks are set to apply to all clients, they are not filtered in any way.


      All of my Windows workstations accept these tasks and work just fine. All of my Linux workstations do not. They only show their default Update at Midnight task. However, they DO receive an On Demand Scan task I set just for VirusScan for Linux. That is being pulled down just fine.


      Also, it will also receive a Product Deployment task for the McAfee Agent on my Linux machines initially when I push VirusScan for Linux to them, so I know the Agent on the Linux machines is capabale of receiving tasks.


      Any ideas why the Product Update tasks are not being seen/received/applied on the Linux machines? Thank you!