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    Modifying outbound email headers?


      Has anyone had issues with their outbound emails being blocked or denied as a result of modifying the email headers to remove any network information using the MEGs?

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          Are you talking about recipient servers bouncing the messages when you strip the headers?  This is entirely possible as the removal of received headers is against RFC 5321(https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc5321.txt):


          3.7.2.  Received Lines in Gatewaying



             When forwarding a message into or out of the Internet environment, a

             gateway MUST prepend a Received: line, but it MUST NOT alter in any

             way a Received: line that is already in the header section


          we give you the ability to strip existing received headers, however it is not enabled by default.  Can you please clarify if it is the MEG or recipient server blocking these messages?  thanks.



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            Yes, would the recipient’s servers bounce or denied our emails if we remove or modify the email headers to not contain our internal network information such as IP’s.  At this time we do not have this in place so there is no current issue with our outbound emails being bounced or denied for this.


            We are just wondering if anyone has done this or is doing this currently and if they have or had issues with doing it.

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              there is a possibility that the recipient server would reject or otherwise block the email if you strip out the received headers.  a lack of received headers is typically indicative of unwanted email and a lot of spam scanners will classify this type of mail as spam.