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    Problem After the upgrade policy deployment 7.6.4


      hi, we have an infrastructure Email Gateway 7.6.3

      we performed as per kb, the update to version 7.6.4, after updating individual MEG (previously excluded from ePO) and importanto epo on the new extensions, we reconfigured the policy with the new extensions on ePo.

      we have a policy-type system in which we configured static routes.

      The policy is distributed by MEG correttamnente, but when the MEG is skills based management and or when the ePo distributes this policy, this is not enforced.

      Strangely it does not apply only the part related to static routes. (The policy also contains the DNS servers that are applied correctly)


      Has it ever happened?

      Do you have any idea?


      McAfee Emaill Gateway 7.6.4

      McAfee ePo 5.1