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    price discrimination?


      I have been a (Netherlands based) subscriber to Mcafee antivirus and firewall products since it went online in the states and you could pay with your creditcard and download all the products you needed.. Never got any serious infections on my computer so i figured the products were worth the money. Even got me extra licences for the other computers at home....

      Since a couple of years Mcafee routes the renewal stuff through their euopean sites. I've never bothered with those sites because the euro prices were and are alllmost double the US prices.  I just used to go to the us site and payed my renewals there in US coin with the creditcard..

      Tomorrow is renewal day, anything i tried sofar males no difference, i can only renew or buy in Euro's.....

      This means Mcafee will be losing a customer tomorrow.

      Is there anybody who knows a solution ?