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    Updates and Scans fail. Detection found but McAfee wont finalize the scan.


      Hello and thank you for your time and attention.

      I was able, after many tries, to force a manual update and several days later was finally able to run a system scan which produced a detection.

      However the scan still says running and complete as well as Detection occured and Detections: 0.

      My OnAccess log used to say WARNING WARNING... OK...OK... WARNING... OK...OK etc., but was cleared by the system.


      This comes right after an Artemis!DCCD7AAB9BD6 Trojan was detected and quarantined FOUR TIMES.

      I caught NT AUTHORITY -0x3e7- loading the infected PrinterInstallerClientUpdater.exe.cpytmp FOUR TIMES!

      Also have seen NT AUTHORITY -0x3e7- gain write access to mcshield.exe.


      So, is there a way to jiggle the scanner to get it to finish the completed scan?

      See below Running / Completed, detection occured / Detections: 0

      Two scans detections.bmp

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