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    External keyboard fails to function during pre-boot authentication


      EPO 4.6.8

      DE 7,1

      MA 4.8

      Lenovo Thinkpad 10

      Windows 8



      Enable on screen keyboard and Always display on screen keyboard is enabled


      Tried by enable/Disabling "Always enable preboot USB support - still not working

      In BIOS tried enable/Disabling USB options  - still not working

      There is no SATA mode in BIOS(UEFI)

      Issue is not on all the Lenovo devices, in some Lenovo device it is working with the same policy and configuration.

      UEFI mode enabled


      Can someone please help me in understanding the below line from the McAfee forum(https://community.mcafee.com/message/285018#285018):

      "If you're using the uEFI version of EEPC, then the keyboard control is the responsibility of the firmware, so this becomes a Dell problem unfortunately. If it's a BIOS version, then it's EEPC who is in control"


      Please suggest any other workaround if I am missing here.