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    System Tree Mostly Blank For 1 User


      Hi All,


      Got a bit of a strange one here. Just today when logging into the ePO console & viewing the system tree; most folders are now showing blank to me although there should be plenty of systems in each. I can actually see systems under 2 folders; but the rest are blank.

      Doing a search for the systems via the Dashboard, I can successfully get to all systems as expected. Other users are able to login & see all systems as expected in the system tree.


      I've confirmed my account is setup as an administrator & have tried from multiple computers & browsers all with the same result. Was going to try deleting my account from ePO console, but it warned that all System Tasks I've created (i.e. basically all of them) would be deleted also.


      Has anyone seen this before and can point me in the right direction to fix this up?