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    On-Acccess scan disable issue


      Hi I am a newbie here. So please spare me if the question sounds too trivial. After a Microsoft windows update and reboot my Mcafee on-access virus scan got disabled automatically .However, after updating the latest dat file manually it got enabled again. Now I am not sure if there is an underlying Malware that is potentially risky. In some questions posted in this community I have seen that similar issues lead to product being re-installed. Though I am happy that my issue is fixed without re installation, I am  unsure of any other means of checking that my system is safe. I ran stinger and it has not pointed any problems irrespective of the scan is disabled or enabled. Is that good enough to conclude that my PC is safe?

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          Peter M

          I've seen that happen here sometimes after an update.

          Make sure your system clock is accurate and that Windows is totally up to date, including any updates for Internet Explorer.  Even if you never use IE, McAfee does in the background.

          Try a complete shut down and restart then run the Virtual Technician to make sure all, is OK.

          http://mvt.mcafee.com/   (assuming this is the home product as it doesn't use DAT's, I assume you meant that you manually updated it by clicking that option in the UI).