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    NT AUTHORITY -0x3e7- loading Artemis!DCCD7AAB9BD6 Trojan via PrinterInstallerClientUpdater.exe


      My system was running abnormally slow so I was just checking the McAfee logs and the OnAccess log said:



      OK OK


      OK  OK

      OK  OK


      Which got my attention very quickly. So i called up my IT shop.

      They said 'Not possible. we have great big firewall and heaping enterprise antivirus. Nothing gets through.' I disagreed

      got him to dameware my pc. The log was blank! But I swear it said that stuff. I checked all the other event logs, which were way more confusing and just as scary.

      I printed out stuff and gave it to my local IT and they said its all normal. I joined microsoft's security forum and they said its all normal.

      I'm beginning to think its all normal. Then I realize all my McAfee settings went default, everything scheduled was gone, OnAccess kept failing - couldn't authenticate,

      AutoUpdate also keeps failing. I was lucky and able to force a manual update that worked and after many tries was able to run a full system scan which found:

      Artemis!DCCD7AAB9BD6 Trojan in the PrinterInstallerClientUpdater.exe.cpytmp that was just installed by NT AUTHORITY.


      McAfee stated "The file was successfully deleted." and I have six copies in my Quarantine folder.

      But I still cant AutoUpdate or even Manual Update nor can I run a system scan. Then last night I was able to start a System Scan which indicates a detection found, its completed, but its still running,

      so it hasn't finalized the detection and there's no action on the detected affected file.

      What do I do now. I'm worried that if I click close, that it will close and then forget that it detected anything and then I won't be able to get system scan to work again.