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    Announcing McAfee 5800 Engine Beta


      The Beta of the McAfee Anti-Malware Engine version 5800 is now available!



      The 5800 Engine will succeed the current 5700 Anti-Malware Engine and includes the following improvements:


      Detection and Performance Enhancements:

      - Enhancements to Portable Document Format (PDF) format to improve exploit detection capabilities
      - Improved handling of Windows Executable format
      - Improved unpacking of .NET, VBA, Shockwave Flash and generic unpacking improvements to detect more threats
      - Enhancements to live memory scanning in Windows for detecting and removing malicious processes, threads, files
      - Performance optimizations around initialization and scanning


      Platform Enhancements:

      - New supported platforms: Windows 10, FreeBSD 10.x Solaris 11 for SPARC
      - End of Life platforms: IBM AIX 5.3, FreeBSD 7.x, Solaris 8 on SPARC and Linux Kernel 2.4


      System Requirements Disk space and memory:

      - At least 512 MB of free hard disk space
      - At least an additional 512 MB of free hard disk space reserved for temporary files
      - At least 512 MB of RAM for scanning operations (1024 MB recommended minimum)
      - At least 1024 MB of RAM for updating operations


      Current Release Schedule for the 5800 Engine:

      - Release Candidate (RC) in Q3 2015
      - RTW (Elective download) in Q4 2015
      - RTW (Auto Update) in Q1 2016


      NOTE: Detailed dates will be provided in upcoming 5800 Engine announcements.


      VirusScan Command Line 6.06 with the 5800 Engine is expected to be available a few weeks after Engine 5800 RTW.



      5800 Engine-Only Beta SDAT: http://b2b-download.mcafee.com/products/naibeta-download/engine/5800/beta1/SDat5 800Eng.exe

      5700 Engine downgrade package: http://b2b-download.mcafee.com/products/naibeta-download/engine/5800/beta1/SDat5 700Eng_force.exe


      The 5800 Engine-Only SDAT might report in some cases that the latest Engine is already installed on 64bit systems but will eventually update it.