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    False Artemis



      The new version of our application - Mediaget is again detected by McAfee-GW-Edition and McAfee:

      Detecion name: Artems

      and it says that "download is potentially dangerous": 1434018419041.jpg

      We've already sent it to whitelist via Detection Dispute Submission | McAfee Labs

      Also, we tried to send it to virus_research@mcafee.com, but get reply: Denied by policy (in reply to end of DATA command)


      Can you please add this to whitelist?

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                       It would seem if it is your software you used the proper submission method. Could you attempt following these guidelines/instructions;  Submit a Virus or Malware Sample | McAfee Labs Also could you provide the 12 character Artemis! associated with the detection?

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            I assume you zipped it and password protected your submission? Colleague Ex_Brit mentioned this procedure in this thread ;

            Re: False Artemis!8267C92286C9 (Trojan)


            It seems we were successful back in January of this year, submitting and getting that Detection analysed/whitelisted.


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              I provided a download link in email because the file is 35mb and is not allowed to send.

              Also, there is no Artemis number, I checked via virustotal and it says only the word "Artemis".

              Also, our local McAfee gives us only warning about dangerous download: please see the screenshot above.

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                I did see that. It seems that the file size exceeds the limit in order to send. We have brought this up in Conference call before as what to do in this case. Even attempting to send via ' Getsusp' the limit for that is 10mb. I will attempt to contact someone from McAfee Labs on your behalf.


                Also you could contact through your Service Portal as well.

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                  Thanks, will wait for reply. We've already raised this question for our old version here: Artemis!1CE59DB0AC97
                  but we got no exact conclusion how to completely whitelist the application for the future.

                  We would be very glad if you help us to resolve it.

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                    I might also add, that there has been certain scenario's that Colleague Peacekeeper has successfully submitted Files which were too large in size using 'DropBox'.  I have contacted someone on your behalf to help get your issue resolved.


                    It is quite possible that later this afternoon, when he awakes PK could add to the discussion.


                    All the Best,


                    McAfee Community Moderator

                    Consumer Products

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                      During the interim, please keep in mind that we are 'Volunteer' Moderators/Users the same as you. As always any determination is left up to McAfee Labs. We strive to assist with-in our limits. Thankfully our Contacts kindly allow us to attempt to expedite an issue, when is presented as such. That being when they have a workload on a daily basis, as it is

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                        If you place it in a drop box and give us the link here (Private messaging better but it is a hit and hit re working atm). Then I can ftp it to an area that is the way I did it last time.

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                          Thank you PK

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