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    McAfee SIEM Collector Agent collecting IIS log


      We have a requirement to pull Windows IIS logs into our SIEM. We have got this working for one site but need to be able to pull in all the logs for all the virtual sites on the IIS system. If the logs for virtual sites are configured to log their logs to a directory c:/logs the issue is a directory is created for each site under that with the relevant logs in it. It appears that the agent is unable to recursively work through the folders in the directory it is pointed to. We have 1000's of IIS systems so to manually configure each generic log tail in the SIEM agent is not an option , so my question is has anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve it ?


      I am very surprised the Generic Log tail collector can not recursively look in directories for log files in the directory you point the configuration. This is a big issue for us and any advise would be great