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    Url redirect problem

    Haaris Faizan

      For one of the customer we allowed three URLs http://www.tenable.com* ,https://www.tenable.com*,https://plugins.nessus.org* but when user access the URL https://plugins.nessus.org its getting blocked by webgateway and the blocked url we see is http://www.nessus.org.so we allowed that URL and its working fine.

      But I have two questions:-

      1)if the URL https://plugins.nessus.org redirected to http://www.nessus.org then after allowing this URL why its been redirected to https://www.tenable.com instead of http://www.nessus.org.


      2)if above scenario would have been the case then https://www.tenable.com already allowed ,so why it needs http://www.nessus.org.


      If anyone have doubts I can explain it again.