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    Re-posting: McAfee Agent Deployment Fails


      Hello Experts,


      Hope you all doing great.

      I am facing a strange issue while deploying agent over wifi.


      We noticed that ping to the client machine from ePO is working fine but the admin$ share is not accessible when the machines connected through Wireless network thats why we wont able to deploy the agent on host machine, while on other hand deployment is successful if the machine connects through wired LAN network.


      Also if I repeat Deploy Agent Task multiple times Agent successfully deploy on host machine.


      I also Verified that :

      - File and Print sharing is enabled

      - Remote registry service is running

      - Server service is running.

      - No such a policy is created on access point for wifi users.

      Please find log message for your reference attached.

      Agent+Deploy Failed.png

      Its clearly indicates that this issue is not related to ePO, and its due to some Network Related can anyone please help me out in this issue.


      Thank You Fellas!