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    Locker Ransomware Developer Apologises & Provides Keys


      On May 30th, 2015 the Locker ransomware developer released a dump of all of the private decryption keys along with an apology. This apology stated that on June 2nd if a user is still running the infection, it will automatically decrypt the encrypted files for free. Now that the private decryption keys were available, Nathan Scott wrote a decrypter that allowed victim's to decrypt their files for free. More information about this decrypter can be found here.


      On June 2nd, as the developer promised, those who were still running the infection were shown an apology message and found that their files were decrypted. The message shown was:

      I'm sorry about the encryption, your files are unlocked for free. Be good to the world and don't forget to smile



      How To Decrypt