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      Hi i am a safekey user

      i started using safekey in the mcafee central app

      in a recent update that feature (having safekey in the mcaffe central app) was removed

      i wanted to download the browser extension

      but i had forgotten my password (i always left it to remember password in the app)

      i clicked forgot password

      i got a hint sent to me through email

      i didnt understand my hint

      i clicked the option to recover the password using a one time password

      when i folllow the instructions it takes me to a webage that requires me to have the browser extension with my account set up

      this is the same extension i am trying to install but cant because i have to login but cant login because i cant remember the password

      this makes no sense on mcafee's part because i cant log in to the extension application


      Now i would like to delete the safekey account

      havent been able to find anything on the internet about this

      so i was hoping someone might help here


      ps I wont be checking here much

      if you have an answer email me at Email Address Removed By Moderator