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    manual decryption ( how to ?)




      i got a problem with a crashed encryption (6.2 or 7 , don't know, but my eetech disk is 7.1).

      boot EETECH disk is ok, until i enter the xml file that complains the key is not found.

      continue ok.

      then got the D: disk that seems raw partition, can't do nothing on it,

      got partition of D: drive starting sector 230400 so, gone to [workspace] loaded some sector from that point and decrypted.

      looks ok, garbage turned to some readable text.

      Unfortunately , the [remove EE] button always fail on error 120000.

      [repaire disk] seems not doing anything, clicking it shows no activity or result.

      Then clicked into [edit disk crypt state], and created a new list with the sectors from the D: partition.


      So now, i got all the pieces, but still, i am unable to force decrypt this partition.

      what is the next step to set EE back on track and decrypt this partition ?


      Thanks for your help.