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    Integration of MVM 7.5 with ePO 4.6.5


      I am trying to Integrate MVM 7.5 with ePO 4.6.5 . I downloaded the MVM-7.5.0-ePOExtension-Bld199 file from McAfee download site and installed it . Installation is successful and I was able to enter the IP Address & port  of  MVM . However I am not able to register MVM with ePO . As per my understanding , I should be able to see MVM in drop down list while trying to register a new Server .


      Additionally I have done the following but it didn't help .


      • Configured MVM to trust FCAgent on ePO Server
      • Added ePO as data source on MVM and it is successful .
      • Removed and reinstalled ePO Extension
      • Restarted ePO Services


      Any ideas on what I am missing .