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    Domain consolidation - Three McAfee ePO's to One - Clients


      Good Morning,


      As the tittle suggests. We have 3 McAfee ePO's. All policies and exclusions are configured 97% the same.


      The three McAfee ePO's are configured in the following manner:


      A) Version 5.1.1 Build 357 (Workstations)


      B) Version 5.1.1 Build 357 (Servers)


      C) Version 4.6.6 Build 176 (Mix)



      My question is in regards to letter C and A. ePO B is an adventure for another day.


      Lets assume that I disable policy enforcement on ePO C and push that to all the clients (workstations and servers). Would I then be able to use ePO A and do a force overwrite of the new agents on those clients? If so, is a reboot required? Reason I ask is that there are production servers that I would not like to interrupt. If required I can schedule a reboot for a weekend.


      Any potential problems that I may experience?

      Any suggestions?


      At the moment the only way I have tested this is by disabling policy enforcement on a workstation, manually running the command to force uninstall on the workstation, rebooting, and installing the framework for the new ePO.


      Appreciate the assistance and feedback.