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    Installing Extensions


      Attempted to install EEPC 7.0.3 extensions this morning and during the install it hung up and didn't install so had to reboot server.


      My question is, is there a best practice when installing extensions ? If the extension is being used in some function can it cause issues ?


      A bit wary if attempting the extension again during business hours in case this happens again as a result of it hanging prevented our helpdesk from performing recoveries.

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          I am having the same issue... were you able to get EEPC 7.0.3 extensions checked in? If so, what did you end up doing to check in extensions successfully?


          Thank you


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            Hi jonmacuk, have you tried downloading the extension again and reinstalling it?  Make sure you highlight drive encryption and then install extension.  I have downloaded extensions before and on the first try they did not install.  Are you installing from your local workstation? Have you tried to extract the extension to the EPO server and then try to install the extension?


            The extension is not used until you install it. did you or have you installed Drive Encryption Admin extension, Drive Encryption Go extension before you tried to install the Drive Encryption PC software extension?  did you have the same problem?  Are there any events in the event log?


            Thanks Mike.

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              I've run across this a time or two, try extracting the zip file first, sometimes they will put the extension inside the zip with a readme.txt file which hoses up the extension installation unless you use the one in the extracted zip.

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                Thanks to both Mike and Scott for suggestions. I ended up having to engage support and per their suggestions we were able to get extensions checked in. We had to stop Apache and Event parser services on any remote agent handlers, Temporarily disable all server tasks on the ePO server, etc. Basically, ePO server was free from any other resource consumption. 

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                  That makes sense, glad you got it worked out.