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    DLP 9.3.4 + Outlook 2010 = be careful


      So, it is known that McAfee Agent 5 has issues, many issues (for example Re: Encryption and McAfee Agent 5.0 - system state inactive or Re: Agent does not update policies and tasks).


      Another problem is that with MA 5 I couldn't see DLP Endpoint Console and Drive Encryption Console. With lucky I noticed that there was a new version of both product (DLP 9.3.4 and EEFF so I downloaded them and try to install them to an endpoint. Wow, DLP Endpoint console and Drive Encryption Console now appeared. I deployed to my environment but another problem appeared: "SEND" button of outlook 2010 was not working, like it was disabled. The Outlook plugin "McAfee DLP Outlook AddIn" didn't work. I disabled it and Outlook worked perfectly. I then reinstalled DLP 9.3.3 (with the problem of MA 5 that I didn't see the DLP Endpoint Console on the client side) and Outlook worked.


      Someone has the same issue with DLP 9.3.4?