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    LiveSafe for Android


      Okay, never mind, I see this isn't going to be a quick fix. I am just going to cancel and uninstall - thanks anyway.


      Hi all, I will try to keep my frustrations in-check, no promises tho...


      I purchased LiveSafe to protect 2 pcs, 2 Android smartphones and a tablet. So far I am only able to install on pcs and tablet, not the phones which are the greatest concern because my husband has already lost 2 phones and one was used to call South America about a dozen times before we could get it deactivated.


      I tried online chat with technical support and got NOWHERE. I was told to provide my phone number (again) and someone would contact me within 6 days, to me that is unacceptable.


      The smartphones and tablet are all LG, all purchased same day, all running the same 5.0.1 Android software version. Trying to download on the smartphones from the link provided via text does not give a download link, only a message that the app is not compatible with the device.


      Has anyone had this problem and successfully gotten past it? If I cannot find a solution I am going to request refund and uninstall everything McAfee. I am sure there are reputable apps out there that can do what LiveSafe is supposed to do.




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          Peter M

          It's compatible with Google Android smartphones and tablets v2.3 or higher so not sure why this would happen.

          Did you try the emailing option for the link instead of via text?  Also check for competing software that may already be installed

          I have it on my Android tablet and it works fine.

          I would call Technical Support back and ask for escalation.

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            Peter M

            I forgot to say, make sure you've selected the right sort of device on your account page too.

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              I did have the correct device type.

              There is no antivirus of any kind on our phones yet so I don't think there would be a conflict.

              I successfully installed on the tablet but not on either of our phones which is puzzling because all 3 devices are running the same Android software version: 5.0.1

              Technical support was also puzzled and were unable to provide an answer so I had to cancel the purchase; unfortunate because it looked like a great app.

              Thanks for your help.

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                Peter M

                What a shame, sorry things didn't pan out the way they should.

                My phone, which I rarely use, is so ancient it's not in that league and all my friends have iPhones so not much help there either.


                All the best ;-)