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    Extreme Discrepancies Between MEG Dashboard and Actual

    Scott Sadlocha

      Hey Everyone,

      Let me begin by stating that I understand that the MEG dashboard pulls its information from different counters than Message Search and other areas.We recently implemented MEG, about a month ago, and are running version 7.6. We are encountering an issue where the dashboard is showing vastly different (and MUCH higher) numbers than what we know to be actual. Many reports are showing the true numbers, but the dashboards are showing much higher. To give an example, actual is in the 10's of thousands, but the dashboard is showing around 18 million.


      We have opened a ticket with support, but they haven't been able to give us any information and seem to think that this is something new. I was wondering if anyone else out there has seen the issues. Also, we are seeing some performance issues that started around the same time. We have tried different browsers to rule that out. We have also tried running a number of reports and can't seem to correlate the high numbers with actual messages. I am thinking this is some kind of database or counter issue. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.


      Some information is in below screenshots.


      Dashboard 1.JPG


      Inbound Mail Summary Query.JPG

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          Scott Sadlocha

          This turned out to be an issue with messages stuck in the queue. We had enabled graymail for a short while, and then turned it off. When we did this, it seems some messages got stranded and were attempting resends. We went into the queues and manually forwarded the messages to the original recipients. Once they were gone, the queues and counters cleared up. I also found KB articles for the web and email gateway appliances that indicated an smtp loop and cpu resource bug, and this issue seemed to fit those symptoms exactly, even though that issue was supposed to be resolved by upgrades (and this wasn't even the same product, but does seem to use the same engine).